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Domains: Content Data Software
Status and compliance:
Open Definition compliant?
Open Source Initiative (OSI) compliant?
Definition of Free Cultural Works (DFCW) compliant?
Status: Active Inactive (obsolete)
Rights & permissions Rights granted:
Use and reproduce Modify Distribute
Covered categories of rights (whether granted or waived):
Copyright Neighbouring rights
Sui generis database rights Moral rights
Trade-marks Patents
Circumvention of TPMs (you are permitted to circumvent)
Commercial use prohibited TPMs/DRM prohibited
TMPs/DRM prohibited unless parallel distribution provided
Obligations Obligations:
Must retain the copyright/disclaimer notices
Must provide source code / modifiable form
Flexible attribution Specific attribution
If specific, please specify:
Copyleft / share-alike Copyleft obligations (if any) apply to:
Only modified files Derivative works / Adaptations
Derivative works / Adaptations, but linking excepted
Compilations / larger works
Copyleft engages upon:
Use Access over a computer network (Affero) Distribution
Sublicensing/Compatibility Sublicensing permissible under:
Any other license (compatible with the obligations)
Future versions of the same license
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Copyleft obligations compatible with:
Future versions of the same license
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Termination clauses Termination of rights is:
Automatic upon breach Available at the discretion of the licensor Temporary, with automatic reinstatement upon ceasing violations
License changes Licensor's unilateral changes to the license are:
Effective immediately
Disclaimers & warranties Disclaimers & Indemnities:
General disclaimer of warranty (merchantability, fitness, etc.)
General disclaimer of liability
Licensee must indemnify licensor
Warranty for noninfringement of copyright (as an exception to any general disclaimer)
Choice of law and forum Choice of law:
Unspecified Law of licensor's jurisdiction
Law of plaintiff's jurisdiction Law of defendant's jurisdiction
Law of the forum Specifically-named jurisdiction
Choice of forum:
Unspecified Jurisdiction of the licensor
Jurisdiction of the plaintiff Jurisdiction of the defendant
Specifically-named jurisdiction